Trash and Recycling

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Until September 11, 2023, trash and recycling will be picked up once a week - on Mondays.

Exceptions - Independence Day and Labor Day when trash and recycling will be picked up as follows:

After Monday, September 11, the next ash and recycling pick up will be on Monday, September 25. Pick ups will continue every other week through May 2024. 


The trash hauler should have provided you with a green trash container and a blue recycle bin.

Use the green container for normal household refuse only. Our trash hauler may refuse to pick up cans containing non-household items, such as yard/lawn debris, lumber or recyclables. The trash hauler will empty only cans that have a Clinton Beach Association sticker affixed to the front. If you need a sticker or an extra bin, contact CBA VP Nancy Barone at 203.314.2643. 

The blue bin is for recyclables. Our recycling is single stream, which means all recyclable materials are placed, unsorted, in one recycling bin and sorted by state-of-the-art processing equipment at a regional recycling center. You may place additional small-size recycling containers at the curb and the trash hauler will empty them.

We recommend that you paint your address on your bins to avoid any confusion.

What's Recyclable? Click here for printable recycling guide.

Plastic bags are not recyclable; do not place them in the recycling bins. 

Place Bins at Curbside

Place bins at the roadside no earlier than 4 pm the day before collection. Remove them from the roadside by 9 pm following the pickup. You, the occupant, are responsible for cleaning up trash spilled from your containers.

Issues with Your Bins or Service?   

If you need a new bin or have an issue with your trash pickup, please contact CBA VP Nancy Barone 203.314.2643. Do not contact the trash hauler directly. 

Sweitzer Waste Removal

P. O. Box 1340, Madison, CT 06443

Clinton Transfer Station 

The Clinton Transfer Station accepts bulky waste, such as furniture, mattresses, box springs, yard waste, lumber, metals, electronics, and on certain dates, hazardous waste. Further information is available on the Clinton Department of Public Works website