Blizzard Message from First Selectman Willie Fritz

Post date: Jan 26, 2015 10:11:41 PM

The following is a message from CT ALERT ENS (911):

Good evening this is First Selectman Willie Fritz with an update on the blizzard. Forecasts are still calling for snowfall rates to increase overnight and continue through the day on Tuesday, possibly into Wednesday morning. Accumulations could be in the 20 to 30 inch range. Winds may also gust upwards of 60mph potentially causing power outages and minor coastal flooding.

The Town is prepared for this event and we will do our best to get everything up and running as soon as possible. Reminder, there is a parking ban in effect until further notice. Please remove your cars from the roadway and keep them a safe distance from the roadway so they are not in the path of flying snow from plows. If you can’t find a place to move your vehicle too, the very rear row of Town Hall can be used, as well as the row along the upper soccer field at the Indian River Complex. The Governor has issued a travel ban beginning at 9:00PM tonight and will be in effect until further notice. Please stay off the roads, the hazards this storm poses are more for people that don’t heed the warnings and choose to venture out, if you stay home, you’ll stay safe. Don’t put yourself and our public safety personnel in harm’s way.

Reminder, if you lose power and are running a generator, please do not back feed the house without turning off the main breaker and make sure the generator is away from the house and well ventilated.

Town offices are closed tomorrow as are the schools, but I will have staff in my office to try and answer any questions.