Budget and Taxes

At the annual meeting on June 3, 2023, the association members approved the budget and mill rate for taxation for 2023-2024


What’s the authority for the CBA tax?

Our charter and Connecticut law authorize the Clinton Beach Association to levy and collect taxes on real property within our boundaries. The complete laws regarding taxing by municipalities can be found in the Connecticut General Statutes, Chapters 204 and 205

How are the taxes used?

Your tax payments fund the Association’s budget, most of which is used to pay for the collection of trash and recycling.    

How are taxes calculated?

Your tax is calculated on the assessed value of your property. The CBA uses the same assessed value as the Town of Clinton. The assessed value is multiplied by the mill rate, which along with the budget, is approved by CBA members at the annual meeting each year. 

What’s the current mill rate?

The mill rate for the fiscal year 7/1/2023-6/30/2024 is 0.54. 

When are tax bills mailed?

After the annual meeting in June, tax bills are mailed to the address shown on the Town of Clinton’s tax rolls. Demand notices are sent to members with unpaid balances on or around August 1, approximately 40 days after the laying of the tax.

When are tax payments due?

Tax payments are due within 10 days from the laying of the tax but can be paid within 30 days without penalty. Thereafter, interest accrues.

What if I didn’t receive a bill?

Under state tax law, you are expected to know when your taxes are due and to pay them on time, even if for some reason you don’t receive a bill.

What if I disagree with my tax bill?

Contact the tax collector to discuss your bill. If your dispute is not resolved, you may appeal to the superior court as provided in the state statutes.

Is interest charged on late payments?

Forty days after the laying of the tax, interest is applied at the rate specified in Chapter 204, Section 12-146 of the Connecticut General Statutes (currently 1.5% per month / 18% per annum) from the tax due date until the bill is paid.

How are partial payments applied?

Partial payments are applied first to the interest and fees, if any, and then to the unpaid principal. 

Can the CBA place a lien on my property for unpaid taxes?

Unpaid taxes are an automatic lien on your real property.  In addition, members who are delinquent on their taxes will also be responsible for costs incurred in the collection of the taxes, such as fees for recording and releasing any lien and the tax collector’s fees.

What is the CBA’s fiscal year?

July 1 to June 30.