Passways to Beach - 7/2012

Post date: Jul 17, 2012 5:59:39 PM

We have received numerous complaints regarding access to passways along Shore Road.

Per our Bylaws, revised by membership on 7/16/05, Article XI, Association Rules:

“Passways: The established passways to the beach are for the general passage of CBA residents and their guests authorized for their use.Additionally, these passways serve as fire and emergency services access and therefore must remain unobstructed at all times.

More specifically, regardless of ownership or deeded rights, this means no parking at any time of motor vehicles, boats, or jet skis, nor obstructions of any kind, are to be in any of the passways. In addition, passways must remain 10 feet wide and unobstructed by fencing, overgrown plantings, or walkways that would impede access. During repairs and reconstruction, passways that are obstructed, must be returned to their 10 foot width from road to beach.

It’s advisable that you inform your guests or renters of this policy before their arrival in order to avoid any enforcement actions. It’s suggested that you include this in your Rental Agreements and post such notice in an easily visible location in your cottage.

To gain access to the high water line or Public Trust Area, each CBA member and their guests/renters should use only their specificauthorized/designated passway as documented in their deeds. The 10 foot wide passways were established by the original developers of our community, Stannard & Chapman. The passways are located along the south side of Shore Road to provide even access; usually for two north side lots (several passways have 3 or 4 north side lots assigned as a result of lot size or from passway modification prior to lots being sold for building)

We hope this clarifies the passway issue and ask that the rights of all CBA members be respected.

If any member has further questions or concerns, please contact one of your Directors.